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I take med errors very seriously. We have a scan system scan the pt scan the med and it helps catch stuff that might otherwise be caught. When computers go down we have to be extra careful with the three checks and five rights to make sure everything is correct. What I hate most is having to be responsible when doc or pharmacy screw up. It seems the nurses have all the responsibility and none of the respect at times. Had a dr verbally order a pain pump the other night with 1 mg dilaudid q 8 minutes no lockout! We called him back to clarify that’s what he REALLY wanted because that would have meant up to 7 mg of dilaudid per hour. He at first said yes! That’s what I ordered then when it was explained he said oh no I want 0.4 q 8 minutes! And thanked us for bringing this to his attention. The charge nurse advised not calling him back and “upsetting him” , she actually said “we will just have to watch her closely and it’s a stupid order but hey it’s what he wants, if something happens its on him!” No, it would have been on us in fact. So we called and got it fixed. Issue prevented. We do a lot of preventing in our jobs, sometimes I feel like its our most important part of our jobs, to keep the docs from killing the patients lol

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