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I agree! The bad thing – is that I know the patient’s family. I’ve been put on suspension until I talk to the INTERIM DON (whom is very good and objective). THE INTERIM DON said she wants to talk to me before I go back to work Tuesday. Yes- we take all the blame as nurses. When the computers crashed, I had to send a patient out to the ER. This medication aide was having a fit about a printed out MAR (yes I agree with her). She actually pitched a fit that “I won’t stay after 10pm to pass out all these medicines and at that point I told her calm down since we were ALL affected.
There was some confusion on the medications that she pulled and I took to the wrong patient. Long story. My intentions were good at heart. I’ve been praying for this patient. She ended up in the ER the next day because her blood pressure was elevated because the Charge Nurse on that hall held her routine meds (b/p,ect) and she started vomiting. Found out that she had a high impaction and was drowsy. Please pray. Thank you for responding.

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