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Lisa makes a good point. My first hospital job was at a big hospital tele unit. It was 5 patients per nurse, total care. LPNs had their own full assignments, but weren’t allowed to call the physician about anything, so we would have to learn about their patients before calling for them if something was going wrong. Had ventilators and q2h CVP checks (with the glass tube since we had no in room monitors), post open hearts with wires still sticking out of their chests, etc. It was too much. Thankfully, I don’t think I killed anyone there, but life was so much better when I moved to a small hospital ICU. Patients weren’t as sick and it was 2:1 instead of 5:1. Working at a big facility has some advantages and you get to see some cool things, but I would much rather work at a small facility with better ratios.

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