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I totally understand your frustration on this because I have walked in your shoes for the past several years and it sucks! Honestly I admire your determination to hang in there but working with that many patients is simply not safe. It does not benefit the patient or nurse to work with those ratios. I would find another position on another floor (maybe one of those your friends work on) or another facility all together. When a patient dies, or you are sued, no one is going to care that you were understaffed and over worked. You are a professional, and you should know that those ratios are unsafe so you should not take the assignment on the grounds of patient safety. We can’t change some facilities and their staffing ratios, but we don’t have to participate in the madness. Run, don’t walk to another job and you will find so much will be lifted from you be cause you can sit back and listen to the other nurses complain over their 4-5 ratios and know you could do that standing on your head. Yes, it does make you stronger, yes, you are working your heart out, but let something happen, and you will be standing alone with no license and no job all because your facility felt money was more important than patient safety. Good luck.

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