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I went to school in 1980. We had to take state boards in the state we were going to practice, however, that license had to be maintained throughout our nursing career no matter where we practiced. You also had to carry license to practice in the state you practice in. For example; if you went to school in PA and were going to practice in PA you took PA boards. Then you moved to MA, now you needed your PA license because that is where you tested and a MA licence to practice in that state. At that time if your score was high enough you could practice in almost any state or you could take certain boards that had very high standards to pass, like the NY State Regency Exams, and if you passed those you could practice almost anywhere. That was when we took each section separately and had to pass each section of the boards (gen med/sug, peds, psych, ob/gyn womens, pharm) I think were the sections. Boards were two days long and you were encouraged to stay for an extra section to help create new questions for the following years. Your professors and the state board in any state should be able to answer your question…to make a long answer short. 🙂

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