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Hi, i have a question, i took the NCLEX exam 2 times and failed with just 75 questions, at my first attempt i know im not prepared but in my second i feel like im prepared but i failed so im just wondering what to do? because i used all the knowledge i know and learned but i think im lacking of something then i taught maybe i used so much time in one question, is it possible that there is a hidden rule that when you used a lot of time in 1 question they will consider it wrong already? Because what i did in my 2 attempts was i read my question and answer 2 times (since i wanted to be sure that i didnt miss some clues) but it took me longer minutes, to cut the story short in 75 questions i used 1 1/2 hour, is there someone here that can say that what im thinking is wrong? i didnt have anyone to ask since i dont know anyone who took the NCLEX exam after revising it this here and putting the rating score higher… someone reply please

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