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A few more thoughts:

Ultimately, whether we agree or not, healthcare is moving to a “customer service based” model. We, as nurses, doctors, assistants, etc, SERVE a population of people. We are public servants. Obviously I don’t know all the in’s and out’s of the case, but sometimes nurses need to remember that “standing up for yourself” is not always needed or useful when interacting with patients. Sometimes it’s best to let whatever is being thrown at you by the patients to roll off your back and not “tell how it how it is.” It’s a far cry between assertive and aggressive and whenever we’re called bullies, we need to stop our defensiveness for a moment and see if that title was warranted. If this nurse is having several negative interactions with different people, maybe there is a little burn-out going on? Maybe the accusers have a point? The fact that she has been a nurse for 30 years does not give her license or an excuse to behave without regard to anyone else. She has not earned the right to be “a bully” as one person accused her of.

Just some thoughts. Again, I know nothing about the case. I’m just kind of throwing ideas out there.

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