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I totally agree with the above posts. I just wanted to add that if the hospital went to the trouble to fire a nurse over ONE documented incident then there were obviously some issues, and regardless if it were personality issues or not, I would not continue to work at the facility if i were that nurse. I would also do some soul searching to figure out what had caused this situation and take a good look at my actions, figure out if it WAS burnout and try and find a more suitable job. Burn out is a bad thing, it hurts alot of people most importantly the patient, and sets a nurse up for and medical issues such as depression and HTN ect., what’s sad is that burnout should be considered a long term work related injury, as bad backs and knees are to roofers and warehouse workers, and you should be able to take some time off to get yourself together after years of working in what is often times an unappreciated, physically demanding occupation. We, as nurses have to monitor ourselves and each other for burnout and get some help before it gets bad, before our health suffers, before we get sued for negligence, and most importantly before we hurt a patient emotionally or physically. Often times some hospitals or companies offer a therapist or therapy sessions or support groups tohelp prevent burnout. Sometimes we need to vent to those who understand our pain. This is what I like the most about websites such as MIGHTY NURSE, we can talk and vent and we understand one another. I can’t tell you how many times I can be trying to tell a story to a friend or family member who is not in healthcare field how my night went, and they get this glazed look in their eyes or a look of confusion about something I am talking about and I just stop mid-sentence and think, “why bother?”

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