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Since we are on our feet most of the time…I like to wear running shoes. They are flexible and allow my feet to breath. I DO NOT wear leather shoes. Nike makes some awesome shoes that are very comfortable and durable. I also buy good socks as in “No- Nonsense” They don’t help with varicose veins but they stay in place when they get on. lolol I also recommend Grey’s Anatomy scrubs they are thin, stretchy, come in a variety of colors/styles and last a long long time. I’ve had some for about 4 yrs now and they STILL have no real sign of wear and tear. And if you are like me and don’t like to wear watches, buy a stethoscope with a second hand on it. I got mine at our small local medical supply for $45 if I remember correctly and have had many compliments on it. lololol And if you like sports bras…the $10 Genni Bra at Walmart is the BOMB!!!! In our line of work comfort and flexibility is a major key in lasting those 12-15 hr days.
Congrats by the way!!!! Welcome to the unappreciated world of Nursing. lolol

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