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I am also discouraged after being a LPN for 2 years. I thought being a CNA for over 10 years could prepare me. No matter how bad I was treated I took it because my priority was learning and I am very Thankful I learn fast because several times I received orders from a weekend supervisor (that told several employees I would be fired ) if I did not know any better and listened I would have been fired for following her directions. I was asked to testify against her by Administrator and I said ok right before hearing I was told anonymous complaint was made and I developed perioral dermatitis that day and it’s been 4 months and I still have it. The other issue is having 2 minutes a piece to give residents their meds is unrealistic expectations because you have to take time for gtube meds in separate cups in 10 ml of water and confused pts need more time and my work is interrupting our med pass not one but 2 times to pass meal trays and feed 2 patients which I love spending quality time with them but not if State is in the building and my med pass is being timed therfore I risk being wrote up etc either way if I don’t pass meds in alloted time or if I don’t pass trays and assist feeding. I love the Nursing home I’ve worked in one for 11 years now but you have to be a very strong knowledgeable LPN to work in a Nursing home and to learn I started on the night shift but was working Rehab wing and one hall out of another cart on the skilled side and we did not have RN supervisor or any supervisor for that matter. I know there may be better working environments but it’s pretty much all the same in my area. I would like to see some changes in this field I know I’m not wrong the agency nurses who have been RN and LPN for years are overwhelmed with their shift and say they will never be back. I’m hanging in there but plan on getting my RN and working for a Drs office and or the hospital and just work per diem at the Nursing home. I completely understand why seasoned nurses are so mean after putting up with this for several years I may change to but my goal is to be me and not let this situation or anyone change me and Happy my coworkers love working with me and let me know this regularly I definitely learned helping out my coworkers gets me help in return and I very rarely have incidents on my shift.I’m told its peaceful when I’m working and I’m working to make a difference.

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