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That is so sad. She should not give up, learn from the nurse (as in a strictness with the rules) and find a nurse that shows that not everyone is that way. Some nurses are that way and others really love to teach new nurses and help them to become great nurses (those are usually the great nurses that just can’t help but be great and pass it on). The nurses that do not help new nurses will never quite reach great nurse status, no matter how hard they try. I have dealt with the nurses that think they are teaching through failure and then there is the person that was my nights preceptor. She is the best nurse I have ever seen. She teaches in everything she does, she can’t help it. And she lets me know that mistakes happen. She just needs experience and finding a place that will help her get the right kind will be great. Then she will become the seasoned nurse that will make sure that a new nurse under her care never gets treated like she did. She will become the breath of fresh air for the new nurse.

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