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Ive been an LPN for 30 years , and have been thru quite a lot , At my last job since may 2013 , had been bullied by a new young Rn so much , my other co-workers were noticing. A new administration had also started with new nurses they had hired , the nurse bullying me was very friends with the new nursing director , so of course the nursing Director kept writing me up for the simpliest things , well One evening a patient complaint of respiratory distress , Sats between 88- 89 % at room air I did not had a doctors order , I made sure quickly HX, of Dxs no hx of COPD , so I went ahead and administer Oxygen at 2 liters , notified my supervisor , And this nurse reported my intervention the next morning to her friend the nursing director , and I was terminated, for taking care of a priority oxygen to a human being. The supervisor working with me that evening knew I had reported the incident to her , but didnt even defended me.

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