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Jason hit most of the highlights of how inadequate most RN programs truly prepare grads for the work force whether it is time management or skills. I graduated a highly touted ADN program and only performed one foley and one IV it was on a mannequin. There are a very limited number of opportunities to perform in the clinical portion of nursing programs. I am new grad in an overwhelming state university academic setting ED now that I’ve graduated. I see new nurses all over the hospital that are new grads from about six different programs and we do some group orientation stuff together. All of the programs are identical and you are experiencing exactly what they are feeling. I know exactly how you feel and after two days, all of the skills I felt like I was doing left handed, I can now do those blind folded. Give yourself a break, all of these skills are going to feel new to you and I can promise you the textbook is not the same way your preceptor does it and no two preceptors do it the same way. Be open minded and learn from new and old nurses alike. Skills are nothing more than muscle memory, technique, and adjusting to challenges….that will take time based on how many you do a day and to expect you to have this down as a new grad is unrealistic. I’m sure what they expect is an open mind and willingness to learn and show no fear once the instructions are given. Have confidence in your ability to do just that and you’ll soon realize you’re moving onto more advanced challenges like time management and prioritizing. Performing these skills that cause you stress will be a thing of the past you laugh about and it will be much sooner than you think. If you are concerned about being overwhelmed, that’s a good thing…you care about your performance but you’ll need to work through that. Stick with will all work out in the end. There are days I feel like I’m drowning and other days I feel like I’m the one handing out the life jackets cause “I got this…” This is part of the process for new grads and you’ll be fine. Good luck!!


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