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Jennibean, I am a new RN in the SICU of a level I trauma hospital, still in orientation. I spent 6 weeks with a preceptor who corrected me before I’d even completed a single step of any procedure, talked down to me often, rolled her eyes, and was generally not a nice person. (She has a reputation for treating coworkers, patients, and even doctors this same way.) As you can imagine, her actions made me feel inadequate and seriously rocked what little confidence I had. While I was determined to stick it out and succeed, several of my fellow nurses, including my charge nurse, plus at least one respiratory therapist went to management and complained on my behalf. I was assigned a new preceptor, and the difference is like night and day. I am so much happier! My new preceptor is kind and patient and obviously loves to teach. I have learned so much from him, after only 3 weeks. I have regained the confidence that I’d lost, and I’m working on building more. I know that will come with experience. My point is, you might want to examine your relationship with your preceptor, as well as, her motivation. It is possible that she’s on some sort of weird power trip and making herself feel important by belittling you. Or, maybe not. Just a thought…

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