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I’m not an extremely experienced nurse (5 yrs now) and I still feel like a klutz at times. I orient new grads on my floor and try and remember being a new grad, some don’t. Every day you will learn something different. All through your career you will gain new knowledge, new skills, as healthcare changes all the time, but know you will become more confident. You will get your own system after a while and things will seem easier, some never will. Just remember that you would not be a nurse had you not the brains and willpower to get thru nursing school and you will be fine it just takes time. Keep on keeping on nurse! And just remember in the years to come to treat the nurses you are orienting like you would have liked to be treated. We all make mistakes and not one of us is perfect. Ask questions when you don’t know something, and help others by giving your knowledge to them when they need it and you will find that this too shall pass…with all sincerity good luck and best wishes.

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