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Congrats Stacey on joining a very humbling career field. Unfortunately, the area in which I work does not hire LPN’s in hospitals and our hospital in the past 2 years has gotten rid of all the LPNs, many who had been employed for 10-20+ years. Also, there is a rumor that many hospitals are looking at only keeping and hiring BSN’s in lieu of ADN’s and this is causing many to try and return to school to get their BSN’s. Personally, I feel the LPN’s that had those years of experience were very valuable and I question the hospitals decision to fire/retire all of the LPN’s, these nurses are skilled professional excellent nurses, but alas I do not make the rules. If I were in your position I would go to work at a home health/hospice. or nursing home to gain experience and pay my bills, but would choose one that contributed to nurses continuing their education. Many of the facilities in my area will help with money to send you back to school if you agree to work for them for X amount of years after getting help with this expense. This would give you valuable experience with your nursing skills and also get you to work as soon as possible. many of the graduating RN’s are having issues finding work in my area right now but like the above responses, this often changes from time to time. Good luck and don’t give up! You will get where you are going, just have faith and patience.

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