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Congrats on getting out. Nursing jobs go in cycles. When I got out, a nearby large hospital had just laid off 200 RNs who were competing for the few jobs out there, and they all had experience. It took me a couple months to find a home health job and then I continued to apply and took an ICU residency program at another hospital who hired me after the class was over (I paid out of pocket for the class, just to get my foot in the door, since it was only free to current employees.) I even went so far as to go to a local hospital and tell them I would work for free, just for the experience, and they turned me down because volunteers weren’t allowed to do any patient care, and if I were doing patient care, they would have to employ me and pay me for their insurance to cover me.

After a while it swung the other way, and nurses were in big demand and I could have gone anywhere I wanted and found a nursing job … those were good years to be a nurse, but as a general rule, change is bad, so I just stayed where I was, but felt more secure knowing I could find another job if the need ever came up.

Unfortunately, we are swinging the other way. I know several nurses who have graduated recently, and are having a hard time finding the job they want. Like you said, there are some jobs out there, but no so many hospital jobs right now. To make matters worse, at least out here, many hospitals are turning away from LPNs again (this too goes in cycles.)

I wish I had better news for you, but yes, it often takes weeks for an employer to get back to you about an application or an interview. Good luck on finding the job you want, but realistically you may have to get experience someplace else before you can get yourself into a hospital. Josh and I have had this conversation before in another thread, so you can find that, but generally he said, don’t work a job you hate because life is too short for that …. something to be said for that, and forgive me for leaving out major points of his argument, but times are tough for a new grad LPN right now, so do what you need to do to get some experience under your belt. Until you get a job, take as many classes as you can and include those certificates with your future resumes.

Good luck, and congrats on getting out.

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