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Yes, it can take a long time to hear from a nurse about a job. I am confused though. Generally where I live, you can not practice as an LVN or LPN until after you take your boards and actually have your license in hand. So in what role would you be working till then?

You might also consider moving to another state where there are openings, unless you have a family and your spouse can’t move. I know that you don’t want to do that, but you might be more successful that way.

If you are at all thinking about becoming a registered nurse, look at the job situation in your local area and state before you make the commitment to go back to school. In some areas new RNs are having a hard time getting jobs too.

Not sure if the trend to not use LPN/LVNs in the hospital will swing back again. I would not count on that, but it may happen. As writers above have noted, there have been swings in the use of LPNs and also swings in RN job availabilites in the last 20 years. Not much consolation in that I know.
In the mean time, I would take any job I could find, work hard at it, learn all you can, build your expereince levels, build a list of references. Good luck!

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