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Congratulations on your accomplishment! Anyone who enters the helping professions should be admired for their commitment. I hope that you find the opportunities that you are hoping for. Unfortunately, though, LPN and LVN positions in acute care are scarce these days. As Jason said, trends tend to swing, and, currently, the swing is toward RNs in most hospitals (not only RNs, but BSNs in most larger facilities). Many smaller, outlying hospitals still utilize LPNs, but even that has started to change. Many facilities in my area are currently trying to attain Magnet Status which means fewer job opportunities for ADN RNs and LPNs. There are many new graduate RNs in my area who are having to “settle” for jobs in long-term care or home health. The important thing for you to remember, though, is that, as a new graduate, any experience is good experience. You may have to take a job that you’re not that crazy about to get some time and experience under your belt. When applying for positions in a hospital it looks much worse on a resume to have breaks in employment, especially long periods after having completed a program, than to have experience in areas other than acute care. Just stay open to what’s available and be willing to work your way up the ladder. As a bright spot, with new Medicare and Medicaid benefit and payment regulations, many facilities are looking for ways to tighten the budget, and that may entail opening up more opportunities for LPNs. For instance, my employer is currently playing with the idea of re-working care models to increase patient load on RNs while adding more technicians and LPNs to assist in patient care. Hang in there, get the experience that’s available, and jump on any better opportunities come along. Good luck.

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