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Congratulations, Stacey!! I, too, am an LPN. I am blessed to fulfill my dreams working in an endoscopy unit as an admit/recovery nurse – 12 years now. Right now the promise of jobs for an LPN are quite limited with all th changes coming on in the hospitals. AA degreed RN’s are being pressured into going back to get their BSN (4 yr degree) in order to work at the hospitals – at least the bigger hospitals. LPN’s have been gone from some of our local hospitals for quite a few years now. It used to be you at least had the option of working in an office but now the MA (medical assistants) are more desirable with all their training (front office and back office). It seems to leave very little job options for the LPN which is sad!! We are mighty fine nurses but we just do not have any place to go except into the nursing home setting – for the most part. I wish you well, Stacey, as an LPN. I am not saying you won’t find anything to fulfill your aspirations but you mght have to move in order to accomplish them. I would encourage you to consider going on for you RN if you can. Again I wish you the very best!

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