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My first job straight out of school was on a Med-surg unit. This one charge nurse decided to go to my manager and make up a lie that I stole narcotics from the the facility and I was on drugs. Well at the times I had no idea that she had said this mind you this is the same nurse I found sleeping in a Geri chair in a patients bathroom when she was suppose to be helping feed her. Well my manager ended up going back into our pixis machine which for those of u who don’t know is a computerized device that holds all the meds an u have to use ur fingerprint to get in it. When she investigated the rumor or should I say lie she did not find anything off count of anything wrong with my logins. For someone to just lie like that especially about narcotic medication is just besides me. She managed to ruin my reputation at one of our largest hospitals in the state and get this I had done nothing to her. I spoke to her and was friendly but was never on a personal level. I will have u know that same nurse still to this day works at that facility and well I decided to move on not because of that but for an increase in pay.

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