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Not strong enough? Did you not say you had been a paramedic for 12 years? That has to be so much more stressful than dealing with a mealy mouth nurse in an ER! And IF she finds out you went to HR say yes I did and will again if you continue to say things like you did the other night! And reiterate to her you are there to work not to be her BFF and you don’t want to appear mean but you give what you get and you didn’t find her behavior professional and didn’t appreciate it and would not tolerate it. Don’t give up, like I said, you may be doing the other nurses a favor by having the nerve to turn her in. I wish someone would have turned in my charge nurse and asst manager before I did, and maybe I wouldn’t have been bullied for the past four long years. It’s hard to find a job out there these days, and if you love the ER and want to work there don’t give up your dream bc of one [expletive deleted] nurse. If she’s doing it to you she’s probably doing it to others and or intimidated by your knowledge and that’s her problem not yours

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