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I worked in Corrections for many years and for some nurses it becomes incumbent for them to know the details of the inmates crimes and base their treatment of the inmate upon that information. We had several nurses of that character flaw, who not only bullied the inmates and mistreated them but also bullied staff. It was a clear case of role dysfunction. I always thought two things, first the inmate was already judged by a court of law and my role was the deliver of healthcare, and second was that this inmate could be someone that I loved and I would want them treated with respect, and the best care possible. It was none of my business what their crime was. And as a side note I worked with the forensically mentally ill and approximately 300 sex offenders, the rest of the inmate population was made up of Black Muslims, Neo Nazi’s and the Mexican Mafia & Latin Kings. The only way to survive in that setting was mutual respect.

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