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I get it at my job… I am abused by the family members who are promised a “hotel-like” setting even though its sub acute rehab. I get phones calls of family yelling at me bc their loved one won’t pick up their cell phone and talk to them. I have supervisors saying “you need to just go with the flow”. I am tired of the hard sell of customer service. By all means I agree to have a personality when talking with people but I am not here to kiss behind. I have people whom refuse to use the call light and send their visitors out so that I have to stop what I’m doing to get a pillow that the CNA sitting down the hall could have grabbed. If I don’t kiss the ground my aides walk on I get reports of skin issues 30 min to my shift being up. I am good with customer service. I did it for years prior to becoming a nurse- customer service supervisor. Instead so much backstabbing and bullying it makes me rethink nursing

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