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I don’t presently work in a facility that has bullying….but was a victim of bullying at a previous facility.
I was taken from suddenly the best nurse in the department to someone who was not worth having around to work…(in one weeks time).
I was accused of working under the influence, and suspended until they cleared my drug screen, when the drug screen clear told me I had to have a psychiatric evaluation before returning to work and made it clear if I passed that I would be held accountable for every issue that developed during my shift on (I was the day shift ED supervisor).
To this day I can’t figure out what change so dramatically…I was confident, organized and really good at what I did. After this incident it took me years to rebuild my confidence to an acceptable level, although not back to it’s original level.
The only think I can think that prompted my demise was I was continually approached by techs who were tired of new grad nurses calling them to start IV’s so that week prior (to my suspension) I insisted that all of them try to start their own IV’s make an attempt so that they learn how before calling the tech’s for help. I was also their back up and would insist the same before they called me. I believe these new nurse took this issue to my boss and made me look like I wasn’t helping them. Because one of their vague accusation was “they say” you refuse to help them on the units. There is a lot more to this story but I really feel I was bullied out of my job, with no means of defending myself

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