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I got a face full of it just the other day. My preceptor for orientation at the ER spent about a half an hour telling me everything she saw as wrong with my personality and how I deal with patients. Now, I’ve been a Paramedic for 12 years before I got my nursing degree, and I’ve been a nurse for 4 years, now. I am NOT new to the medical field! She found my stories from when I’d been on the ambulance “too wild to be true” and told me that “I don’t believe it, so you must be lying to me, and can’t be trusted.”
She threatened to get me fired if I don’t “straighten up” and “stop telling stories”. She questioned my ability to do the job with the various health issues I have (I’ve been diabetic for 14 years) even though she said she has no problems with my actual nursing skills. I’ve reported the incident to HR, and am waiting to see what they decide to do. I’m supposed to work with her again on Monday night, and don’t know if I will be mentally strong enough to even go in to work. I HATE confrontation, and would honestly rather quit than work with this crazy lady again. I got this job through a lateral transfer at work, and I’ve already asked my old boss for my previous job back. I really don’t care if she “wins”… MY mental health is more important to me, and I’ve already spent this weekend fighting off nightmares and depression.

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