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As I posted on this forum “Charge nurse blues” there is tons of bullying going on my floor. From the charge nurses to the management. This past weekend I had my asst manager say to me “any competent charge nurse would have known that” I’ve have a charge nurse who gossips and lies on everyone on our floor and I’m told by my manager ” no one believes her what is the problem just ignore her”. We have a zero tolerance policy at my facility on lateral violence but when you report it nothing is done. Also, the higher ups are spending thousand of dollars trying to work on hiring and retention and cannot understand why my floor has the highest turnover in the whole place…duh! I really don’t know where to go with this issue which has cost us 22 nurses and numbers of other staff in the past 3 years, and have even stated the obvious to management. What DO you do when this is an issue short of leaving? I make excellent pay which feeds my family and our whole household depends on to live so leaving is not an option, and besides why should I have to give up my pay when it is the bullies that are the problem?

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