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Cheryl: I disagree. During progressive discipline, I think the employee should have the choice, and the right, to have a witness there. If he thinks it would be too embarrassing for someone else to know about it, that is his right, but he should not be brought into a room for a progressive disciplinary hearing without having the right to have someone on his side present, such as a union rep or co=worker.

If I were the type to be intimidated easily, I wouldn’t like two supervisors vs me in a progressive disciplinary hearing. Thankfully I have had enough of them that my last one was my boss, her boss, and the head of HR vs me, but they did at least ask if I wanted my union rep there. (For the record, I have never been disciplined over a patient care issue, but dang if my mouth and sense of humor isn’t going to get me fired someday.)

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