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I think both the employee and supervisor should be able to have a witness when a nurse is disciplined. WHO that witness is would be very important. I know this from personal experience. I would not want a co-worker as a witness unless they were MY witness. I have been called in my managers office to be reprimanded (not over a pt issue)and she had a coworker as her witness and I did not get that option. Probably because I had no idea I would need one when she called me in there, and I honestly wasn’t aware that I actually had that choice. The only issue with having your own witness would be when called into your managers office one seldom knows the reason until after the fact, so I don’t know how you could prepare and ask for a witness in advance. In the state where I work there are no unions so we have no representation in these instances. Worse, my state is a right to work state and they can fire you for any reason or none at all.

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