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In the Nursing home I work at the ratio is one LPN or RN and 3 CNA’s (if we’re lucky) to 35-40 residents. 7 G-tubes, 6-8 diabetics with sliding scales, neb tx for 5-8 residents, not counting having to do admissions, discharges make rounds or calling doctors and families. Any emergencies (which by the way is usually 2-4 a day. Working evenings or nights is even higher ratio. Just because we choose to work in the nursing home doesn’t mean the work load is less demanding.
I would give anything to have a ratio that all of the nurse’s in a hospital has. I am not complaining. I choose to work in geriatrics because it is what I love to do. Maybe the residents aren’t as sick as those in the hospital but the stress and dangers are still there.

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