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luvmy2doxies, bubble not burst by that. I remember when I was a youngster and had my appendix taken out, they kept me in the hospital for three days. Today it is a same day procedure. I’m not saying you didn’t work hard back in the day, but many of the patients in the hospital would not even be admitted by today’s standards.

My greatest fear in mandatory nurse/patient ratios is that this ratio is going to be the only thing taken into consideration. Hospitals can show they can provide safe staffing with X number of patients per nurse, when the nurses have techs, CNAs, RTs, and other staff to help with patient care issues. Once the union agrees to these ratios, the hospital can then take away all of the techs, restrict what a CNA can do in your department, and make the RNs do all of the RT work. There is no magic number that will always work and I’m not convinced legislating a number is the best answer, although it may be needed. I think admin just needs to have a paradigm shift and worry a little less about saving money by cutting payroll and saving money by increasing patient satisfaction, safety, employee longevity, etc.

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