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RN at a VA medical center here on a Rehab floor in Muskogee, OKlahoma. I work nights and we have anywhere from 5-8 pts per RN with and LPN passing your meds and a CNA. But the CNA covers the entire floor, our max pt census for this floor is 18. The medical floors at this facility try and keep the pt load under 6 per RN but the RN gives her own meds and has a CNA. Personally I like this facility and the staffing ratio is totally do-able as long as we are staffed and no call in’s. I like to work and would rather have something to do than sit around which is what nurses at this facility want to do in my opinion. It is really sad to see so many people who do not want to get up and do their jobs and work as a team. I have been a nurse for 20 years and I have never seen so many lazy people but I guess the lazy ones come to the government to work because we do have a union and it is so hard to get fired from. All I know is I love my veterans and I take good care of them!!!

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