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I work on a busy Ortho-Neuro post op floor and we have been bickering about ratios for a while now. Most times we have 5-6 pts. each and can have up to 7, our floor is one of the last in the hospital to have techs and I feel we are penalized because our manager fought to keep ours when all the other floors let theirs go for smaller ratios. Often times our nurses get pulled to other floors where the charge has no patients, and the nurses have 3-4 with no tech and our floor is suffering with one small tech, 5-7 patients each nurse charge with 3-5 patients themselves. Even when our matrix allows us to keep our nurses the supervisors often say “this floor needs the nurses more” because they don’t have techs. I think the facilities should not just consider the number of patients per nurse but the acuity and heaviness of the patients involved. AHHH I can dream! 🙂

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