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I work on a busy TCU (transitional Care Unit) on evenings. It is basically a skilled unit with high acuity. We get trachs, brain injuries, life vests, etc. Our ratio is 2:24. One charge nurse, and a med/treatment nurse, which can be an RN or LPN, and when we’re short is a CRMA who then cannot do any treatments. We get 3 CNAs most days, but have had 2. In the same facility, there’s LTC where the ratio is 2:60 with two aides for 15 patients. I can say, these ratios are ridiculous. I can’t speak for the workload on the LTC unit, but the TCU that I work on is crazy. It gets hard when you have 4 IVs, 2 trachs, 2 feeding tubes, and then someone complains of chest pain. Not to mention the ocassional hospice patient we receive. I love my patients, but at times am afraid for my license because one nurse can only do so much.
Something’s gotta give with these ratios.

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