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I not only delivered one baby i delivered two. The first one was a patient’s baby, the second one was my grandson. My step daughter told her OB/GYN doctor I was a student nurse, he asked if I had dad my OB/GYN rotation yet which I answered no. Her doctor told me I was going to learn first hand how to deliver a baby. He used olive oil to moisten the cervix, and told me to keep rubbing in a circular motion to moisten the vaginal wall and the cervix. in a few minutes he was telling me to form a lip with the vaginal wall for the head to come out of, soon after that my grandson was born. Soon after that they couldn’t keep his temperature stable, so the doctor told the nurse to wrap the baby in a blanket and put him under my shirt to keep the baby warm. The doctor said since I was big busted I would put off the heat the baby needed to stay warm. They did this for about an hour then put him in the incubator. This was my most memorable nursing experience.

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