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I have a few tats, it is my choice. Each means something to me and the oldest one is over 20 years old. I don’t flaunt them at work. As a nurse I represent the hospital I work for. I uphold the hospital standards in the workplace. I don’t find that a betrayal to my own self, or a misrepresentation of myself either. I have respect for my employer, and my patients and their families. Outside of the work place I do not cover up my tats nor do I go out of my way to show them off. It is my own personal story on my skin. My favorite tat is across my shoulders, which I submitted to the tat contest……it reads………”To Thine Own Self Be True” and is in my own handwriting. It is a tat that keeps me grounded and reminds me not to give away too much of my self. As nurses, we tend to nurture, sometimes I do, more than I should. It is a reminder to leave of some of myself……..for me and my life’s desires.

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