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This is a huge topic at the county hospital that I currently work at. A Paramedic co-worker has gotten written up because he did not have his tattoo’s on his forearms covered at all times. Mind you he keeps then covered when he is with patients. One time he forgot and the patient complained. Seriously, If you are in the ED you should not be worried about someones tattoos. Also, one of the administration, HR, went though our cameras and said that he did not have them covered all night after he had been written up for it. The incident that got him written up – he was at the county fair, when it is HOT, and did not have his tattoos covered, the off duty DON saw him and turned him in to HR. Is this right? So he was written up and was checked up on the next shift he worked. The HR looked up the videos and said that he did not have them cover when his BOSS the director of ED supported him that they were covered all night. It had to be explained to her that he was wearing skin colored coban. To me this whole scenario is ridiculous. Does a tattoo really make a difference in the care that you receive? I do not think so. FYI his tattoos are the lord’s prayer in Sanskrit and a cross.

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