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As a nurse with visible tattoos, this topic has often come up during my career starting as early as nursing school. I even wrote a paper about it. I am a new nurse and luckily have not met any animosity toward my tattoos. While i do not go out of my way to show off my beloved ink, i do not go out of the way to hide it either. If im cold i wear long sleeves, if i am hot i dont. Often times the patients themselves bring up my tattoos and most of the time they are complimenta. I have small words tattooed on each of my wrists and a decent size heart with angel wings on my forearm. People seem intrigued. I am lucky to work in a facility that does not make an issue of visible tattoos BUT if it was a choice between my job and having to cover up of course I would no matter how wrong i believe it to be. The ouside image means nothing, its whats on the inside that makes a great nurse and I fully stand by that. While i dont agree that someone should roll out of bed unkempt and come to work, i do not feel one should be patronized for expressing themselves. I think tattoos are becoming more widely accepted in all fields and the healthcare field is no different. We dont show discrimination against our patients and I believe nurses and other professionals should be showed the same courtesy.

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