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I have ink… TWO of them to be exact. I have a back piece.. my horses, my kids, my grandchild, my parents and the ribbons of their of cancer and alzheimers,, MY LIFE. It is my life..I am proud of all. I have been an RN for 35 yrs. of service and dedication to others. It has nothing to do with how good of a nurse I am… how dedicated I am or anything else.. I have seen plenty of tattoos that are obscene and would not have that type on my body. My second one is for my niece Wendy and Myself.. our relationship… we have always loved pink flamingos… it has a heart as she is on the “heart transplant list” and Mau Koa Aloha… which means “YOUR LOVE IS MINE”… I do not regret either!! and I am an excellent nurse with INK and I should not be made to cover them up.

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