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I stayed burned out the entire time, up until the last term in which I got to do a preceptorship in the ER (something I had to fight for and go to the Dean, as my program had no ICU and no ER time, but did have 1.5 semesters of OB … ugh, shiver.)

I hope you find a way out of your burn out, but just remember, nursing is NOTHING LIKE nursing school. I enjoy being a nurse, but I HATED nursing school. Don’t think for a minute that what happens in nursing school is going to impact the rest of your nursing career to any extent. You will learn so much more on the job than you ever did in nursing school, and it will be stuff that actually applies to your job. Keep your eye on the prize

Towards the end of my program I actually had one instructor come up to me after I had passed her class and congratulated me on passing, as she didn’t think men should be nurses and she did everything in her power to make me so miserable I would drop out of the program, but she admitted she was wrong in my case … that helped a little, but by then I had already gone through other instructors with the same philosophy and realized nursing school was not going to be an enjoyable experience. Thankfully I realized early on that what we were doing in nursing school was nothing like what the real nurses were doing and I had something to look forward to.

Good luck!

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