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Not wanting this to go through at all. There are some pros and cons of it. Though mostly cons. First of all… If it’s such a good health care plan than why is the gov’t officials exempt?????
This has and will cause MORE taxes increases on the middle class who are already struggling to keep up with the welfare “needs” of others. Not including the funds that have been stolen from medicare to fund it.
This plan takes our choices away from us, limits our care that we are allowed to have. We either get it or we get penalized. Also forcing businesses to give coverage and offer/pay for things that may go against their religious beliefs.
I do agree that all should be covered by some kind of insurance. But this bill is NOT the answer. Many people can not afford it or do not believe they should have to have it or that they need it. Hospitals take a big lick when patients receive care VIA ER and don’t pay for the bills. I believe that Hospitals should have a right to refuse care to some point for people age 18 and up. A free triage should be done to help weed out emergency and non-emergency issues.

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