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PPACA is a complete disaster that neither provides protection to those who currently have insurance nor to those without nor is it affordable. I have yet to hear how this law is good for anyone. I hear it said repeatedly that I will be able to keep my son on our insurance until he is 26. As if I wanted that! The truth is it will cost me more to keep him on than it would have been for him to have Student Insurance. And it delays him from being responsible and obtaining his own insurance. Next the Government will insist I allow him to live in my home rent free post college. Not to mention that I will NOT be able to keep my current plan as it does not meet basic standards now set in law. BUT it is the plan I wanted. The plan I choose. AND the plan I pay for out of pocket NOT through my employer. I will have to pay more for the new basic insurance plan that I will be forced into. =( AND this law will not cover everyone even though it does have a compulsory component. Those who can’t afford insurance now will not be able to afford it a year from now. Sigh…

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