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The Affordable Care Act may have some limitations and cause a lot of ruffled feathers, but finally, a step in the right direction.
We already pay for the uninsured and if you think that the ER’s are not overcrowded now, think again.
The ER’s are as they have been, for many years, the only access to care for millions of people.
We as Americans should be outraged at the costs that are presented to us on a daily basis for health care. And yes, people die from simple benign injuries in this country due to lack of care. NOT just welfare recipients…the working class. One catastrophic event can ruin a family, a couple, an individual.
You are also fooling yourself if you think you have a wide range of choices currently. Your insurance company dictates what meds you have access to, when, where and why you can or cannot have diagnostics, what MD you can see and more.
Insurance Companies are not interested in your well being; it is about time they are held accountable.

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