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The discussion is that some nurses will say “the rule” is you can only give a breakthrough pain med one hour, two hours, thirty minutes, or either or in some cases and this differing of opinions confuses new nurses and patients alike. It often leads to criticism among nurses “she gives way too much or too often, or he gives way too little or not often enough” also, I come in at night with the patients commenting things like “he wouldn’t give me my iv med for 2 hours! And you gave it in one! Or she wouldn’t give me my pain meds “on time” which is a statement I hate because then I have to re-educate these patients on the meaning of PRN. Our hcahps ask about pain control and with all the “scrollers” as Jason calls them and chronic pain management pts we have on our floor it effects our scores tremendously. Give too little unhappy pts low hcahps, give too much and narcan some and maybe someone stops breathing, God forbid 🙁 was just wondering if other facilities had actual policies instead of just “well the rule is” with each opinion being different with no written policy to back that statement up

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