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I had a patient tell me one time that the birth control pill obviously did not work for her because she was pregnant with her third baby at 19. I said well you know that there are other forms of contraceptives out there now and maybe you should speak with your doctor or nurse practitioner about trying something else. She looked at me and said, “Well the birth control pill is supposed to be the best thing to prevent pregnancy and it didn’t work although I took them every day just like the doctor told me!” I asked if she had never missed a pill or taken one late. and she said, “Never! I take them every day at one p.m.! and then hesitated and said, Well unless you count the ones that fell out, but i couldn’t help that!” LMAO she had been inserting them instead of ingesting them! So after that I always educate the patients to SWALLOW their pills at the same time every day! LOL …those poor kids!

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