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Here are some good ones regarding patient allergies…first a pt says to me she is allergic to apple juice but not real apples…lol. Second one, pt says she was allergic to canned green beans but not fresh ones…lol. Thirdly and the best one of all…pt stated she was allergic to dopamine!!! She tells me this when I go to give her Percocet after her vag delivery…both she and her husband start to ask if Percocet was related to the “ine” medications like “morphine” and most assuredly “dopamine” and if it was she can’t take it b/c she is deathly allergic to dopamine!! I quickly explained that our brains make dopamine. And, the difference between what the two drugs do and that they were most assuredly NOT in the same class. Also, that Percocet wasn’t related to either…lol. To top it off this pt was highly educated with a bachelors degree in social work. She must not have bad to take a whole lot of science classes to not know our brains make dopamine. She now knows she’s not allergic to it…also myself and coworkers got a good laugh!!

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