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Wow, LisaRN. That’s crazy! Yes, sometimes we forget that things can be taken other ways.

1-I was in nursing school and doing my clinical day in surgery. A man was waking up from anesthesia and started talking about how he was going to take us all out for a lobster dinner.

2-This happened 2 weeks ago. I work in home health and was talking on the phone with a patient’s granddaughter (who is probably in her mid to late 20s) trying to get some basic information prior to seeing the patient for the first time.
Me: Is she continent?
Granddaughter: Yes, she can talk for herself
Me (realizing that she obviously isn’t understanding what I’m asking): Does she have a hard time making it to the bathroom?
GD: No, she can get there with her walker.

I was trying to not use slang, but sometimes it’s just easier to ask “does she pee on herself?” lol

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