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I had a pt admitted for chest pain say they are allergic to nitroglycerin. When I asked what is the reaction, they said it makes their head hurt. YEA. Some Re-Education happened real quick and a quick change in meds.

(One of the few times I worked day shift) I walked into my pt room and heard panting and moaning coming from the other bed. I went over to the other bed, pulled back the curtain, and a little old lady was spread-eagle on the bed. She got a lot louder when I got over there. “Whats wrong?” I said. “Help me, help me, its not coming out” she said. She hankered down and moaned and grunted loudly more and more, a couple other staff came in. She said “This baby is coming out”. We all looked at each other, smiled (this was not an OB floor, I dont do OB or PEDS), and I yelled “Well, push again”. In a couple minutes we made a baby from a towel and tape and placed it in her arms. Later on when the sun came out, she was fine. Got no history of sundowners in report, niiiiiccccceeee.

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