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Mary Beth Casey I am careful how I respond to my elder pt’s. With this gentleman he was very vocal about his issues and oriented. This was an on going issue with him. The D.O.N. had spoke with him and his family about it and what the outcome of his actions would lead too. Though he had said he had no respect for her. He was just a bored man and thought it was funny to cause a stir and have us race to him for no reason. He admitted he did this only for entertainment. Like I said I didn’t have any issues with him reporting phantom s/s after I explained to him what it did to the quality of care of all pts and function of the facility. Though he continued with the other nurses and he was sent out of the facility, he did return a few weeks later, s anymore issues. At this particular facility we had others that did this though some of the reasons was r/t as you mentioned. Knowing each pt as an individual instead of putting them all into a category leads to more effective care.

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