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My pet peeves are a little different I guess.

#1 is when they don’t put a buffer on the IV fluids. If your hanging 1000 ml, don’t put a volume of 1000 ml, put about 900-950 so it doesn’t suck air. And explain how the pump is sucking air and shows a volume of over 200 ml left.

#2 is Piggy Backs on Primary line. If you have a 50 ml Piggy Back on primary line, you are cheating the patient out of about 25% of their medicine most of the time. It just doesn’t make sense.

#3 is washing out the pill crusher and not drying in quickly. If I wash it out, I immediately dry it and then wipe it out with alcohol pads since they will evaporate. OR just don’t wash it out. These pills are all being mixed together anyway.

#4 is nurses that don’t follow such policies and visitor guidelines so that when you follow them and enforce the rule, you look like and idiot.

I will stop now but could probably go on and make a top ten list.


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